RealLife Concepts' team consists of committed, motivated and inspired specialists from many nationalities who blend their experience, backgrounds and future goals to focus on growth for our clients and our own investments. We outsource work over the world, with our hubs being in Rotterdam, Cape Town and Chennai.


Vision, Offering and Policy

Turn your vision into the right strategy - one that your target group understands. With creative direction & commercial guidance we position your company, Together we find the growth point of your offering and optimize the UX / CX.

Marketing Communication & Media

Activate and execute brilliant strategies where the transition from vision to reality happens, including a return on that investment.

Sales & Strategy

Find the voice and tools for selling your message, test it, shape it, until near perfection is reached. Then start counting.

Culture & Human Capital

Understanding & managing your team is the key for any business success. Alignment Solutions start with analysing company cultures.

Digital / Software / Data

The development and engineering of Web / App or Data & Software shapes the future for our clients and is the key for success. Our Indian team works in close collaboration with our coordinators and developers based in South Africa and the Netherlands

Invest and equity management

Clients need to set up in the right direction for growth, as part of the right positioning and business success. This hub organises start-up funding, growth strategies, capital for business and can assist in ownership transition.


Jordi de Looff

Jordi de Looff (NL)

Group Managing Partner / CIO

Willemijn Jumelet

Willemijn Jumelet (NL)

Group Managing Partner (marketing & Strategy)

Simphiwe Mathebula

Simphiwe Mathebula (SA)

Managing Partner Africa / CSO

Sandra Ndoro

Sandra Ndoro

Project & Marketing Coordinator

Fatima Vinoos

Fatima Vinoos

Office & Client Service Manager

Gay Lagardien

Gay Lagardien


Rumbi Mbire

Rumbi Mbire


Britt de Looff

Britt de Looff

Creative Director (NL, ZZIE)

Fabienne Persoon

Fabienne Persoon

Graphic Designer (NL)

Jan Davids

Jan Davids

Head Statistics & Data (SA)

Kali Raja

Kali Raja, IN

Digital / Software / Data (IN)

Benito Esteban Bodipo

Benito E. Bodipo

AI & Software Developer (SA)


Sandra Ndoro

Peter de Kam, NL

Ken West

Ken West, US

Smiso Myeni

Smiso Myeni , SA


Xander Beks

Xander Beks, NL